Simultaneous, Shadow-Rendered

Occlusion Cull

Revelatory, Hidden Physical Plane Once Kept from the Public Consciousness

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Approximate spacial representation of the Occlusion Cull. Take notice as extraneous geometry flickers in-ünd-out based upon physical perspective. In reality, perception of hidden vertices and edges depends upon entering an appropriate mental state.


In various applications of Euclidian 3Dimensional videographiks, the terms backface occlusion and/or backface culling refer to the process of restricting the rendering of geometric facets obscured from view due to the perspective of the observer. The rationale for the implementation of this process is optimisation of program operation given available system resources, such as lower-tier, inhibited GPUnits.

The principles of backface occlusion/culling are useful within the limitations of their scope in virtualised environments. Inversely, though, as what will be henceforth and thruout this HyperText WebPage referred to as the phenomenon of the Occlusion Cull, these principles serve as the guiding artefacts of the limitations of (human & animal) visual perception, creating a schismatic rift between geometry able to be perceived either thru "the naked eye" or various electromagnetic imaging equipments, and that which is undetectable thru such typical means.

Furthermore, in addition to elucidating the nature of the existence of this Occluded Realm (which alone would be sufficient to stand as a beacon of verity and refutation of various cover-up efforts perpetrated by the United States and various other World Governments), this WebPage will proceed to detail the extra-dimensional, non-pseudo-cosmic properties of the Realm, and how not only an awareness, but comprehensive understanding of the Realm serves as a powerful tool for (non-spiritual) enlightenment and increasing human efficacy in manoeuvring adverse, primal survival situations.

Extrapolation of Videographik Occlusion Principles to Develop an Evidential Model for an Extra-Physical Space of Being Using Reverse Spacial Fourier Transformations

The Occlusion Cull hinges upon several key tenets that dictate a tangible form's relationship with its extraneous space, primarily summarised by the following self-evidential example. If we take the volumetric integral of non-null form ∇, we see that such an extrapolation bears greater-than-and-not-approximate equivalency to ∇'s grid domain:

⪊ ⩩

It is this additional space existing non-pseudo-transversely to ⩩ that comprises all occluded facets of a form's geometry. Take note of the following figure detailing a reduced spacial representation of the 3-plane Cull extrapolation of an organic form into a superset comprising its occluded & visual non-Euclidian vertices:

Irrefutable evidence of the Occlusion Cull.

At this point, more needn't (necessarily) be said to "prove" the O.C., but in the interest of complete disclosure it would be prudent to do so. The previously demonstrated Grid Equivalency can be used to locate a static asset within the Occluded Realm, but is inhibited by its inability to predict the position of a facet grouping dynamically. Take, for another example, non-null form ⅋ with facet grouping ⟐. ⅋ is tumbling down a path that cannot be ascertained, causing ⟐ to oscillate chaotically. Its various FastFourier-derived component polygons orbit the focal center of ⅋ both spherically and unpredictably. If we map the trajectory of these shapes in real time, we can infer, relative to the angle of observer ⫚, the flicker rate represented as an overall "percentage of connection," expressed thru a combination of not only the shared polyhedral surface area between ⫚ and ⅋, but also the shared time both masses oscillate in the Occluded Realm at a rate that prevents moiré. Refer to the equation below:

⪤ ⅋(⟐) ⤳ ⋈

With the combined ability to map an Occluded point and chart their synchronisation with it by employing the Grid Equivalency and the Connection Algorithm, respectively, an observer is well on their way to tapping the potential of the Cull. This cannot be executed fully consciously, though: drilling the equations from this section by substituting random, plausible values for the variables is the only proven method to yield reactivity in the subconscious when an observer is face-to-facet with the potential of a Crossover Phenomenon. Examples of this instant, trained response as a result of a strong theoretical grounding in Cull principles are detailed in the following section.

Historical and Anecdotal Evidence of the Occlusion Cull Being Accessed for Human (and Possibly Animal) Survival

Ernst Platz (MDCCCLXVII–MCMXL), Deutsch illustrator choosing primarily in his work to depict the perils of alpine mountaineering, is an early example of one whose spacial and corporeal awareness has allowed them to contribute to the breadth of available Occlusion Cull knowledge. Observe one of the earliest examples of an (unwitting) Occlusion Cull illustration below:

Detail from Ernst Platz's Klettertechnik compared to an instance of Culled geometry. Notice how movement blends with physicality in the Occluded Realm, abstracting typical notions of time'n'space.

Specifically, Platz's works convey implicit expressions of the connection between muscle memory and a phenomenon known as Instantaneous Introspection. Often referred to in the Parlance of the Populace as "whens't yer life flash for'st yer eyes," Platz both depicted and augmented the depth of this experience in his climber-death-depictions with good honest Beta on how not to freakin' fall in the first place. He effectively transfigured a concept mainly discussed as it applied to dramatic plot escalations in pieces of popular culture, and shifted the conversation to tactical utility: how this rapid-fire reminiscence is a both a reality and a boon to bio-organic survival. When thought connects with geometry, then, as in a climber's mid fall, extraneous calculations take place in the subconscious of their mind. Platz, like rare few throughout linear time, was able to tap this subconscious river of thought, and elucidate it on the printed page. What was once a signal of survivalist defeat became a means toward channelling geometric velocities and clinging back to the rock face.

Your author also theorises that this very, how you say, primal variety of tapping into the Cull is an example of human Sapiens accessing the same channel of inner datastream as other non-domestic creatures of all varieties. The architecture of instinct, if you will. Unfortunately, I have no way of confirming this, as I cannot observe the happenings inside the mind of, say, the nightly raccoon who scavenges my scraps, or any other creature for that matter.

(What may to you be) surprisingly, though, any individual with the appropriate Cull'ducation can utilise the tenets of Non-Pseudo Occlusion for purposes of their own survival, even if they cannot shake the repressive pedigree dogmatically instilled into them by E.I.T.C.-engineered society and fully realise their deep, primal self. How, you may ask? Well: please refer back to Extrapolation of Videographik Occlusion Principles to Develop an Evidential Model for an Extra-Physical Space of Being Using Reverse Spacial Fourier Transformations and continue to drill 'n' study the pertinent figures 'n' equivalencies.


It comes as no surprise that the ideas surrounding the Occlusion Cull stir unease in various World Powers who wish to preserve the status quo for their own benefit, even (or especially, this writer suspects) at the expense of greater Knowledge and Understanding of corporeal and non-corporeal matters. As previously mentioned, numerous individuals, suited and stout in physical stature, claiming to be acting on behalf of the United States Government, visited me, Maxwell V. Orbison, at home over the course of Summer MMXIX, beginning on the day of the Solstice. With a cold demeanor befitting your typical Appendage of the Law, they attempted to interrogate me regarding flyers I had posted at various local enclaves. Know that I did not yield to their perturbances, dear Reader, and that my Grounde was considered Stoode. No doubt their unwillingness to engage in physical conflict (on the first occasion of our paths crossing, at least) could be attributed to the effects of my survivalist grooming standards. While off-putting to many individuals, the natural musk that envelopes me is an authentic and virile repellent against those who wish to re-/sup-/op-/press me. Thusly, the Feds were evicted from my doorstep as I and my inner mental Peanut Gallery chortled heartily.

Unfortunately, the victory of (Cull) Justice was short-lived. I continued to be harassed and subtly psychologically manipulated by the USGov persistently for the remainder of the summer in myriad ways, causing me to question my own personal safety, in addition to much stress:

  • The FBI/CIA put pressure on the local municipality to ignore my repeated calls and E-mail messages regarding an ever-growing, dangerous pot-hole in the street I use on a regular basis.
  • Various informational flyers I posted around the city were torn down or defaced with Unkind words directed at Yours Truly I shan't repeat.
  • The local public access channel, under threat from The Suits no doubt, will not air the tape I have left them multiple copies of. Their B.S. alleged "reasons" of shirtlessness and copyrighted music use don't hold up.
  • Going down a street I oft' traverse, I decoded the arrangement of parked cars along it. On the right side, no vehicles. On the left side, five adjacent autos. Read left to right: Five Zero = Five Oh = The Police. Obvious intimidation tactic.
  • Having my favorite canned okra at the grocer be consistently sold out, oh, I dunno, whenever I just so happen to be shopping doesn't necessarily instill confidence that I'm not the center of a concerted secret harassment campaign funded by the Fedz, either.
  • Big, greasy fingerprints on my front doorknob which I'm pretty sure aren't mine.

This reprehensible repression only worsens in the following section. Learn from the risks I have taken in the name of Truth and Knowledge, and keep an eye out for E.I.T.C. muscle should you step outside of the arbitrary line they've drawn.

How Clinical Law Enforcement Leveraged ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Code T45.0X1A in an Attempt to Deprive Me, Maxwell V. Orbison, of My Bodily Autonomy in the Visible Realm

Unfortunately, the story of the progression of general knowledge of the Occlusion Cull, at this point, continues to stray away from increased understanding of its Broad Truths by the general populace. It instead narrows in on yet another struggle it faced: the inhibition of its Truth, specifically the methods used to stop me, Maxwell V. Orbison, from entering a prime state, ripe for the instigation of Crossover Phenomena.

It is well-publicised that the side effects of antihistamine drug diphenhydramine (henceforth referred to as C17H21NO), common over-the-counter medication taken in the United States, include an altered mental state, distortion of one's linear perception of the passage of time, and the widely-feared torsades de pointes. While I initially took C17H21NO in an attempt to quell my extrapyramidal symptoms, I soon realised the benefits of (the first two of) these off-label effects, and their potential to accelerate my entry into the Occluded Realm.

On nites when a certain female familial landlord/roommate occupied the landline with frivolous conversations, depriving me of internet access, I would self-dose, dancing ever closer to the precipice, but never exceeding what I felt to be the Cusp of the Cull. So: upon further, controlled experimentation, I determined the Crossover threshold to be any dose greater than ~420 mg. Planning an evening to myself, ostensibly free of harassment, to deliberately witness and possibly participate in da Cull, I went about setting up my living space for optimal enjoyment and minimisation of the chance of accidental self-harm. I even, in a show of rare form, cracked the basement/server room/bedroom window to allow air circulation, lest I suffer an attack of the vapours.

Intangible, invisible, low-polygon-count extradimensionality, unveiled before me: the very prospect excited me to the point of having to pee as I contemplated the treat I was to give my consciousness. Excitedly, I emptied the powdered contents of the capsules into my nightly meal replacement shake, and "went in." What immediately followed, dear reader, I wish I could relate to you more than (almost) anything. But sadly, 'tis not the nature of the Occlusion Cull, for I cannot even lucidly recall it myself. This is no doubt due to next scene of my consciousness, which situated me, first-person perspective, in a bright, angled bed, with various tendrils taped into and onto me.

After taking a brief moment to recompose my inner mental constitution, I proceeded to do the only thing that has ever reliably extricated me from an unwanted situation: I let out a shrill, extended shriek. Lo and behold, Big Pharma promptly frogmarched me out thru the automatic doors, giving me the usual Bum's Rush. As I hop-skidded on my rear to a halt, grimacing against that all-too-familiar feeling of denim on concrete, I noticed my discharge papers had been tucked into my pants pocket. Turns out I had been picked up off the street and taken in as a nameless vagrant. No name meant no health insurance… while I had been soon-to-be-released regardless, I still found my outcry to be well-executed. Alas, the journey thru the Cull ended with status: incomplete, interrupted by the WhiteCoats and the resta the RXers. And being diagnosed with an "overdose," too: how's that for a laugh? If only they knew. If on-ly… they… knew.